Solar energy for your home and business.

We provide families and businesses with complete solutions for solar energy.

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Solar park

What we do

From idea to real working reliable, cheap and green energy solution.

Solar panel on house

Profit from our knowledge

The experience we have is the key for building green energy system in your home, office or industrial building. That's why we can consult you for all steps: financing, system design, assembly and maintenance.

  • Up to 90% bank finance for the investment
  • 100% return of investment in 6-7 years
  • At least 12 years guarantee of the panels we offer
  • Government politics for stimulating panels installation
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Solar park

The solar system for your needs

90% of our customers are one of these three groups:

  • Families living in house from 70 - 250 sqm. floor area, which need solution for reducing the electricity costs
  • Small and medium businesses, which also need optimization of the electricity monthly costs
  • Companies, which want to invest in solar parks to produce and sell the generated electricity to the open market

Because many people don't understand the industry, we wrote in the description of each product in our online shop for what needs it fits best. In that way you can easily choose the right solution.

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